Don't Hold Back

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

One life…that’s all you get. There’s no coming back later, there’s no free trial before you have to download the real deal. This is it! This is your one life.

Something that I’ve experience in my short two decades on this Earth is people living their lives conservatively, just getting by, doing the bare minimum. I’ve always been curious about these people. Those who never really commit themselves too hard or go out of their way to do something new or different. Now, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter how much you think you’re content with your situation, there’s always more. There’s always something left in the tank, especially when you live life at half speed.

I’m writing this piece as a call to action for those who know they live a boring, vanilla day to day. They know they want to do something but lack the motivation or the drive to go out and have to exert themselves just a little bit farther. Well this is the call…DON’T HOLD BACK!

You’re only going to be able to seize the day so many times. You’re only going to be able to do that thing, see that person, be at that place so many times.

Just a quick reminder…time isn’t going to slow down and neither is the pace of our lives. If anything we’re only going to get more busy and more frantic and have less time for those things that we want to do but have never gotten around to.

If you’ve got something on the back burner it’s probably there for a reason. Maybe something came up, maybe someone got sick, maybe that person came to visit…or maybe you just didn’t care enough. Well there will come a day when you look back and reflect on that and say the words…I WISH

I wish I had have made time for that person, I wish I didn’t stop doing that thing, I wish I had have done that thing. When I hear those words I get a shiver down my spine, I get a shiver down my spine because I know what those words mean. The mean someone was holding back when they should’ve been seizing the moment.

If we all seize every moment at its fullest there is no looking back and wishing, there is no excuse for why you never did that or spoke to that person or went on that trip or took a chance on someone. If we play full out, if we hold nothing back, their is no such thing as regret.

When you hold back you miss out on those things you wish you had have done.

Don’t hold back. Seize the day. Be the person you know you want to be. Do the things you know you want to do. Don’t hold back.

Jacob Carlile

Jacob Carlile is a young entrepreneur and investor based in South East Queensland, Australia. Having grown up in his family's small business Jacob learnt from a young age how to work hard but also what it takes to succeed in business.

Jacob currently works in the finance industry developing personalised financial plans to assist people in growing their wealth, knowledge and successful strategies for the long-term whilst studying at university.

Jacob has a passion for business and loves to immerse himself in everything from marketing to sales to crunching the numbers and hopes through his study of business and those who drive success within the business environment to one day help shape the future of successful businesses within Australia and across the globe.