It's All Upside

Many might think that being audacious, putting yourself out there and reaching farther than you have ever before to reach your goals carries with it risk or open you up to potential hurt. But I couldn’t disagree more.

Working hard to achieve your goals is one thing but exerting yourself on a whole new level to achieve the things you’ve only ever dreamed about is where you can really shoot the lights out. Whether it’s in your business, your relationships or just life in general, allowing yourself to think BIG and aim higher provides the opportunity to grow.

Regardless of the fact of whether you achieve your big scary goal or not you can always look back, reflect and learn from what has played out. Usually, through having exerted yourself further than you would have previously you would have achieved more than you would have previously. In my opinion, that’s a win.

For example, if you wanted to achieve a fitness goal such as losing an inch off your waist before a certain date. You’ve worked your butt off training hard, eating well, lowering your alcohol consumption, all those things you know you’d need to do to lose an inch off your waist. Then comes the big day, you pull out your measuring tape and you’ve only lost half an inch across your waist. Now in many peoples eyes, this might look like a failure.

True, you haven’t achieved the goal of one inch, but you’re still half an inch smaller than you were before you started. You’ve eaten well, developed an exercise regime and are probably feeling a heck of a lot better with your newly adjusted lifestyle.

It’s all a matter of perspective, and in my opinion, it’s all upside.

So next time you feel scared or nervous, vulnerable even about setting an audacious goal or thinking BIG in terms of where you want to be in the future, remember that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you tick the box to say you’ve done it, sure it’s great to drive yourself towards that goal but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is your perspective, what you learnt, where you could improve in the future, what you have achieved opposed to what you may not have achieved. That’s where the upside is.

Jacob Carlile is a young entrepreneur and investor based in South East Queensland, Australia. Having grown up in his family's small business Jacob learnt from a young age how to work hard but also what it takes to succeed in business.

Jacob currently works in the finance industry developing personalised financial plans to assist people in growing their wealth, knowledge and successful strategies for the long-term whilst studying at university.

Jacob has a passion for business and loves to immerse himself in everything from marketing to sales to crunching the numbers and hopes through his study of business and those who drive success within the business environment to one day help shape the future of successful businesses within Australia and across the globe.