Motivation v Discipline

If you’ve been paying close attention to my content over the last little while you would’ve hopefully seen how much more structured it has all become. No, the algorithm hasn’t changed, I’ve just introduced a bit more of this thing called ‘discipline’ into my life.

Ever since I hopped on the entrepreneurship train almost two years ago now I’ve known what my goal is and I’ve known what I needed to do to get there but what I have, until recently, lacked was the structured framework around it all. I’ve tended to do things in bursts, with a rough outline as to which way I was heading but no clear path exactly. That’s when I discovered that although I was motivated to reach my goals…it wasn’t enough.

Motivation will get you started, but its discipline that’ll keep you going.

Don’t get me wrong, motivation is great and it’ll help you spring out of bed in the morning faster than some, but after a little while the shine can seemingly rub off. That’s when some people drop the ball and others pull their socks up and commit to doing what needs to be done.

It’s discipline that keeps the good ones going and enables them to continue to push the limits of success. It’s discipline that forces them out of their comfort zone.

Discipline is essentially a structure or a framework around a certain practice. It provides a rigid backbone to your goal setting and is one of the most under-utilised weapons in your armoury.

From a young age, we’re brought up to think that discipline is a bad thing. We’re disciplined when we’ve broken the rules or done something naughty, and yes there is a good and a bad side to discipline but what discipline is really about is enforcing a behaviour, whether that is enforcing what not to do or what should be made into a daily habit.

When used properly discipline can be one of the most effective ways to enforce lasting change and smooth the peaks and troughs of motivation coming and going. Discipline is a way of enforcing commitment, commitment in your business, your study, your job, your health and fitness, and your life in general.

So if you’re feeling like your running on a hamster wheel trying to achieve your goals but not really getting anywhere, you might need to revisit your discipline, your self-discipline more than anything, and look at what’s driving you, is it short term, pump-up motivation or is it a greater sense of purpose-driven by disciplined habits.

Work this out and everything will become clear again.

If you’d like to learn more around creating discipline in your business or your life please feel free to get in touch.